Our Philosophy

At Alternatives, we believe that anyone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy is entitled to receive help that responds to the whole person, with special consideration for your long-term health.

  • Pregnancy moves you into a new world of physical change and life adjustment. It is a time to consider your health and well-being, to evaluate your relationships, and to care for your life more than ever.
  • We believe that positive choices can be found by taking the time to 1) consider information, 2) talk with a pregnancy consultant, and 3) think through your options.
  • We believe that many abortions are performed because of outside pressure or serious fears of how a pregnancy would change one’s life.
  • We are a nonprofit organization that welcomes the individual with respect for her beliefs and her right to determine the direction for her own life. We are committed to offering our services objectively, without judgment, giving information that is factual and complete.
  • We do not refer for or perform abortions.

How we help

Suspecting or finding out you are pregnant puts you in a new place: you must decide what to do next. A good decision depends on thoughtful consideration of the realities of pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and your relationships.

We are here to be a sounding board for your questions, a source of information and resources. We offer free services to help you through this difficult time and to help you come out of it with strength and support.

We understand

We respect your need for privacy and the right you have to make your own choice for your future. Your situation is unique and we know that you want to consider your options away from the pressures and ideas that others have for you. Our pregnancy consultants are here to offer a helping hand without judgment.

We are here for you

As a locally supported agency, we do not profit from your pregnancy decision. We do not receive budget money from the state, nor do we sell tests or abortions. We are here to help – no strings attached!

To schedule an appointment for free and confidential services, contact Alternatives Pregnancy Center today.