Serving Women After Abortion

If you are struggling with emotional or mental side effects following an abortion, you are not alone. Abortion affects women in different ways and Alternatives is here to support those who are ready to find healing.

What are the emotional side effects of abortion?

After abortion, many women are initially met with a feeling of relief. As time goes on, that relief can turn into anxiety, regret, anger, difficulty sleeping, grief, depression, and withdrawal. These feelings can be intensified as the situation surrounding the abortion settles– for example, reasons for a rushed abortion may now seem irrelevant, or you may resent having been pushed into the abortion by others.

How can Alternatives help me?

Alternatives Pregnancy Center offers free and confidential post-abortion support, whether your abortion was yesterday or years ago. We serve you with compassion, listen to your story, and explain how you can find hope and healing. Women from all walks of life have had abortions, and it is normal to grieve a lost pregnancy. Your emotions are valid, and Alternatives is here to help you walk through this season of life.

The post-abortion consultants at Alternatives are ready and willing to listen and support you as you work through your grief. You are worthy of healing and hope, and our doors are open to you.

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