Abortion Safety Checklist

Abortion, no matter the type you are considering, is a serious medical procedure that you need to be prepared for. Alternatives Pregnancy Center believes that the best choice you can make is an informed choice. We’ve compiled this abortion safety checklist so you have the tools you need to make the best possible choice for you and your unexpected pregnancy.

1. Confirm your pregnancy

Did you know that a positive pregnancy test alone does not guarantee you are pregnant? After a positive result on a pregnancy test at Alternatives Pregnancy Center, we can refer you for an ultrasound at no cost so your pregnancy can be confirmed by medical standards.

2. Learn how far along you are

Before considering the different abortion procedures, you need to know how far along you are to understand which ones you are eligible for. An ultrasound will also provide you with this information.

3. Receive abortion procedure education from a credible source

There is plenty of abortion information available online, but is it the most up-to-date and reliable? Be sure you are receiving accurate information about abortion procedures, risks, costs and more. The trained staff at Alternatives can provide you with this information in a professional, in-person setting during a pregnancy consultation.

4. Research your potential abortion provider

Ensure your potential abortion provider is a board-certified physician or gynecologist. Don’t be afraid to ask what would happen in the case of emergency. Does this provider have hospital privileges to admit you if something were to go wrong? How do they handle complications?

5. Know it is always your choice

If at any point you feel uncertain, know that it is okay to change your mind. Abortion, like any of the options, is a big decision to make. If you are not certain, it is okay to say so and walk away.

Alternatives Pregnancy Center provides information and resources to women experiencing unexpected pregnancies. If you are unexpectedly pregnant and considering abortion, schedule an appointment to learn more about your options.