Confidential Pregnancy Consultations

Unexpected pregnancy is scary. It wasn’t part of the plan, and you might be wondering what this means for you, for your relationship, or for your future. There might be scenarios and questions running through your mind. You may feel as though abortion is your only option, or that you wouldn’t make a good parent.

What is a pregnancy consultation?

We’ll start by telling you what a pregnancy consultation is not. This is not another situation where someone will be telling you what you should do and why. During a pregnancy consultation, you are provided with equal information about each option: abortion, adoption and parenting. This way, you are informed and empowered to make the best choice.

Is a pregnancy consultation right for me?

However you’re feeling, whether you haven’t considered your options yet or if you are sure of what you want to do next, a pregnancy consultation can help. The staff at Alternatives is here to listen to your unique situation, your fears and your concerns. We will help you think through the different possibilities so you can make a confident choice based on facts instead of fears.

We know how difficult an unexpected pregnancy can be. Alternatives offers free and confidential pregnancy consultations to help you explore each of the possibilities you have and ultimately make your own choice. Our pregnancy consultants are ready to give you the care and confidence you need.

Don’t let anyone rush or pressure you into making this choice. Give yourself the time to make a clear and informed decision. During a pregnancy consultation, you are offered a time and space to make that choice. Schedule an appointment with Alternatives Pregnancy Center today for your free pregnancy consultation and other services.